Career Detail

Sr. Product Engineer-Slip Ring

The senior product engineer develops designs for new product introductions (NPI), redesigns products for performance and cost improvements, develops new materials and techniques for sliding electrical contact design and assembly and performs validation testing. The senior product engineer will manage projects and interact directly with our customers and suppliers.


Waukegan, Illinois



General Duties:

  • Develop project scope from Deublin Sales and Marketing groups along with customer specifications and direct discussions to assure full requirements are defined.
  • Develop the project plan through the Deublin stage gate process in the development of customer proposals and new products.
  • Problem solves technical and procedural issues through a formal problem-solving technique.
  • Provide product and technical support for the Deublin sales team, Deublin market managers and customers.  
  • Answer technical questions and assist the customer with troubleshooting.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.
 Technical Responsibilities:
  • Develop electrical, mechanical, and metallurgical interactive designs through research, analysis, and previous lessons learned.
  • Create 2D and 3D designs and drawings to define the complete assembly and component parts.
  • Assist in prototype builds and testing.
  • Create test plans, test reports, standardize methodology, and present test results/lessons learned to multidisciplined groups to communicate the scope, methodology, lessons learned and next steps.
  • Develop vendor/supplier relationships and knowledge of cutting-edge new products and processes to improve the electrical slip ring product line. 
  • Network with 3rd party industry experts and 3rd party test labs as additional informational resources.

Managerial Responsibilities:

  • Efficiently and effectively work with Deublin’s international team of Product Engineers, Product Designers and Drafters to develop products and solve problems.
  • Work closely with a multidisciplined team to develop and support products and solutions in all phases of the product life cycle.
  • Manage major projects or several projects of moderate scope with complex features.
  • Assign tasks to and directs designers, technicians, and other personnel as necessary during projects.

Continuous Improvement:

  • Focus on continuous improvement and process simplification methodologies that are part of the Deublin Performance Systems such as 8D/5WHY & 80/20.


  • Ability to understand and learn new technical concepts, methods and ideas quickly.
  • Ability to communicate clearly and efficiently through reports, spread sheets, power point presentations, emails and verbally to technical and non-technical individuals and groups.
  • Ability to apply engineering fundamentals and concepts in the design and analysis of product development.
  • Knowledge and experience in complex mechanical component interaction, fit and tolerance stack-up.
  • Knowledge and experience in low power, analog signal and high-speed digital signal transmission techniques and designs. 
  • Knowledge of proper electrical grounding, shielding and isolation techniques.
  • Knowledge of value engineering and design-to-cost processes.
  • Basic electrical circuit knowledge along with insulation resistance characteristics.
  • Knowledge and experience with 2D and 3D CAD and analysis techniques.
  • Ability to hand solder and identify the quality of solder joint.
  • Ability to manage small, cross-functional project teams.

Education and/or Experience:

  • Bachelor's degree (B.S.) from four-year college or university in Mechanical or Electrical Engineering
  • Minimum of eight years’ experience in the slip ring industry.