Factory Repairs

DEUBLIN Company offers a factory repair service for DEUBLIN unions. Factory repaired unions come with the same one-year warranty as new unions. Complete terms of Deublin’s warranty here.

To take advantage of Deublin’s factory repair service, you must call Customer Service at +1-847-689-8660.  Customer Service will ask for your contact information and the model number(s) and quantity of unions you wish repaired, and then issue a Case Number which MUST be on the outside of your shipment to us.  We cannot accept any returns that do not display a valid Case Number.  Please know that factory repair service is not available for all union models.

After we receive your shipment, Customer Service will contact you regarding next steps.  Generally, returned unions fall into one of two categories:

1.  REPAIRABLE – Customer Service will provide a quotation and approximate lead time for repair. The repair cost is usually 70% of the price of a new union. The cost of your repair may vary, depending on the condition of your returned products. You have up to three weeks to authorize the repair after receipt of quotation.  If you choose not to repair, Deublin will scrap your returned items unless you ask Customer Service to return your items “as-is”.

2.  BEYOND REPAIR – The union has no reusable parts and cannot be repaired. Customer Service will quote the price for a new union and ask for your approval to either “return as-is” or “scrap in place” your returned items.