World-Class Rotary Unions and Electrical Slip Rings

Engineered Solutions for Rotary Applications


Deublin rotary unions and electrical slip rings are used by all kinds of industrial machinery and manufacturing processes. 

Why We're Different

Deublin offers different sealing technologies to handle virtually any combination of media, rotating speed, and pressure. Find the best solution for your needs. 

Pop-Off® Sealing Technology

Deublin's unrivaled Pop-Off® technology seals metalworking fluids, including MQL, up to 2000 psi but separates the seals when fluid pressure is turned off, thereby eliminating seal wear due to dry running.

AutoSense® Sealing Technology

Deublin's patented AutoSense® technology is unique in sealing both conventional coolant as well as unlubricated air with no risk of premature seal damage from dry running.

SpindleShield® Technology

Deublin's patented SpindleShield® technology signals the machine that spindle contamination is emanate, avoiding costly downtime.

How We Can Help

Grow your productivity with Deublin products, service kits, and technical support.

Who We Are

Learn more about Deublin's 75 years of experience and global network. 

Repair Your 57 Series Rotary Unions on Site
Deublin offers seal kits for most 57 series rotary unions. The kits are easy to install, cost effective, and extend the life of your existing union. Click the button below to watch a how-to video on kit assembly.