Rotary Unions for Coolant

For Faster Machining and Higher Productivity

Bearingless Unions

Deublin's coolant rotary unions offer many capabilities to reduce overall maintenance costs. The bearingless, coolant rotary union is a compact design with a high RPM due to the elimination of the bearings and reducing the overall cost. Deublin's off-the-shelf Rotary Unions offer multiple configurations to fit any machining application. 

Bore-Mounted Unions

Spindles with machined counter bores require a bore-mounted rotary union. The bore-mounted union features a channel that guides leakage through a drain line to prevent the spindle from flooding. 

Rotor-Mounted Unions

Rotor mounted unions attach directly to the machining center by the threaded rotor. The design makes for ease of installation and absorbs the thrust load on the spindle caused by coolant pressure.

Multi-Passage Unions

A multi-passage rotating union requires balanced mechanical seals to handle high speeds and to reduce the wear of the union. Deublin's standard line of multi-passage rotary unions can meet a variety of application needs, including work holding requiring 1 to 8 channels.