Rotary Unions for Hydraulic Oil

Reliable Solutions for Complex Hydraulic Applications

One-Channel Hydraulic Unions

Reliable hydraulic rotary unions for high speed, high-pressure applications are available in a variety of mounting configurations. Hydraulic unions are available in many sizes to fit small spaces but are constructed for harsh environments.

Low-Speed Hydraulic Unions

Deublin's reliable, low-speed rotary unions are designed to withstand tough environments. 

Low-Speed Multi-Passage Hydraulic Unions

Deublin's multi-media Rotary Unions are designed to have independent passages to transfer hydraulic oil and other media without cross-contamination. Every application is unique. Whether a standard rotary union or custom solution is needed, Deublin's team of experts provides reliable and efficient solutions.

Multi-Channel Hydraulic Unions

Two passage hydraulic rotary unions design should only be used with the same media as this will extend the seal life and prevent inner passage leaks.