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World Top Papermakers Choose Deublin

By Maureen Goldin - Marketing Communications Specialist

March 28, 2022

Paper and corrugating manufacturers are primed to continue an upward trajectory driven by unprecedented e-commerce growth and an increased focus on sustainability. Contributing to this movement: an increased demand for packaging materials and a shift in focus from less earth-friendly plastics, to recyclable and compostable paper products. Deublin Company’s steam joints are critical component in paper and corrugating machinery, and we are poised to support this growth.

Deublin has been serving the paper industry for over 30 years cultivating superior knowledge and expertise. We provide a strong value proposition to our customers through:

  • Long history and steam joint and steam system know-how
  • Product reliability
  • Operational cost savings
  • Large installation base

Deublin’s commitment to the growing paper industry is reflected in the recent hiring of a new Global Market Manager for Paper, Alos Almeida, and the promotion of Jorge Trujillo to Product Manager for Paper; reporting directly to Alos. With 15 years of experience in the paper industry, Alos  most recently served as Sales Manager of Paper Projects for a major OEM. He has worked in various locations including Brazil, Germany, and the US. He leads Deublin’s Paper and Corrugating growth strategy and global efforts throughout the organization. His positive energy and fresh insight are already felt throughout the Team. We are thrilled to have him on board.

Jorge has been with Deublin Company since 2017. His background in Mechanical Engineering and experience as Paper Project Manager at Deublin for the past several years make him a valuable asset to the Marketing Team.

Deublin is the world leader in rotary solutions and has provided over 40,000 steam joints and turbulence bars to the paper industry. We continue to provide superior products, advanced technologies, expert service, and global support. As a result, the world’s top producers choose us.