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Turbulence Bars


It is proven that condensate in full cascade provides for efficient heat transfer. However, as the operating speeds increase, the condensate begins to rim, which reduces heat transfer efficiency. The obvious solution is to keep the condensate from rimming, and that is precisely what Turbulence Bars are designed to do. The bars form a cage-like structure around the inside diameter of the cylinder and keep the condensate turbulent, even at high operating speeds.

Deublin Company - Turbulence BarsWhile condensate normally starts to rim at about 305 MPM (1000 FPM) -Turbulence Bars can keep it turbulent, even at very high speeds. They are also instrumental in keeping the temperature profile uniform across the entire cylinder surface. They are especially effective when combined with the Deltasint stationary siphon. The configuration, spacing and bar size contribute to the degree of turbulence inside the dryer shell.

Deublin Engineering will design Turbulence Bars to fit your specific operating conditions. Turbulence Bars are simple and easy to install. They require no special machining or tooling and are available in carbon steel and stainless steel. Stainless steel is recommended for cooling and swing cylinder applications. Turbulence Bars are an effective solution to heat transfer problems and should be a major consideration in both new and retrofit applications.

Condensate Stages


At lower speeds, condensate puddles in the bottom of the dryer.




As dryer speed increases, a combination of centrifugal force and gravity cause condensate to cascade. Heat transfer is optimum.



At still higher speeds, the centrifugal force causes the condensate to rim. Heat transer is reduced.




Turbulence bars break down the condensate layer to improve heat transfer.

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