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RGA Form Policy



DEUBLIN Company offers a factory repair service for the rebuilding of DEUBLIN unions. Factory repaired unions are warranteed to be free from defects in material and workmanship for one year from the date of shipment. Refer to the back page of the DEUBLIN catalog for full description.
A Return Goods Authorization number is required prior to returning unions to DEUBLIN for repair service. This number will be issued upon submission of the RGA Form.
Customer Service will contact the customer with repair cost and approximate lead time before proceeding with the repair. The customer has up to three weeks to authorize the repair after receipt of quote.
1. REPAIRABLE UNION - The cost is approximately 70% of the price of a new union.
2. BEYOND REPAIR - The union cannot be repaired with any reusable parts. Customer Service will notify the customer and ask for approval to return as is or scrap at DEUBLIN Company and will quote the price for a new union.
All unions are disassembled for repair service, if the customer determines not to repair the union, it will be handled same as Beyond Repair (see #2).


For a period of one year (two years on 57 Series) from the date of shipment, DEUBLIN warrants that the products sold by it are free from defects in material and workmanship. The liability of DEUBLIN is expressly limited to the replacement or rebuilding of any article, or part thereof, proved defective, when returned to the DEUBLIN Company, transportation prepaid within a reasonable time after the termination of the 365 day warranty period.
This warranty is void if the product is dismantled, modified, altered, or damaged from improper maintenance, side-loading, excessive temperature, abrasive or chemical action, or other abuse.
No representative, agent or employee of DEUBLIN has any authority to modify the terms of this warranty. DEUBLIN will not be responsible for any consequential or resulting damage, which may be claimed to have occurred through the sale or use of such products, or parts thereof, which might be defective.
There are no warranties, which extend beyond the description contained under this heading, express or implied, including warranties of fitness for a particular purpose.
A Return Goods Authorization Number is required prior to returning unions to DEUBLIN for warranty evaluation. This number will be issued upon completion of the RGA Form. The RGA Number must be clearly marked on the outside of each box. Shipments received wihtout an RGA number will be held in a containment area. After 90 days, if no RGA form is submitted, the shipment will be scrapped.


I have read and agree to the DEUBLIN Factory Repair Service and Warranty Policy.
I Agree (Proceed to RGA Form)
I Do Not Agree (Contact DEUBLIN Company Customer Service)
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Since 1945, Deublin has grown from a small garage shop to the world’s largest manufacturer of rotary unions (rotating unions). Our worldwide distribution network allows OEM’s all over the world to specify Deublin rotary unions when purchasing equipment made in another country. Wherever you’re located, Deublin has a stocking distributor nearby to meet your fluid handling requirements—quickly. Rotary unions must accommodate a broad range of materials, viscosities, temperatures, pressures and speeds. That’s why the Deublin rotary union product line offers over 500 standard rotary unions, over 3,000 separate models, and more than 6,000 individual components to handle them.

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